Seeds are one of the world’s most valuable resources in sustaining plant biodiversity, preserving cultural heritage, and feeding communities across the globe. Michigan is one such community, and the MI Seed Library Network serves to connect people interested in raising, eating, harvesting, and saving seeds. Rooted in community participation, this website is here to help curiosity seekers, growers, and seed libraries alike to navigate the intricacies of seed saving. The MI Seed Library pools community resources to provide networking opportunities, seed saving guidance, and educational resources as well as allowing room for both seed library and community growth. The MI Seed Library Network strives to promote sustainable agriculture, food systems, and social systems throughout the Michigan seed saving community so that seeds can continue to preserve cultural heritage and bring about positive change far into the future. 

For information on the MI Seed Library Network’s Third Annual Seed Library Summit on October 24, 2021, please visit our Seed Library Summit page

We pleased to announce our One Seed, One State initiative will return for 2022. Please visit our One Seed, One State page for more information.