Save the Date! The 2022 Seed Library Summit will be held on Sunday, October 23, 2022. All Seed Librarians in Michigan and those interested in creating a seed library are encouraged to attend.

On October 13, 2019, we held our first Michigan Seed Library Summit. Seed librarians from all over the state met at the Lyon Township Public Library to commiserate and collaborate about seeds and seed libraries. Our One Seed, One State initiative was born on that day, and we hope future Seed Library Summits will be equally as fruitful.
Due to the pandemic, the 2020 Michigan Seed Library Summit was held virtually on October 18, 2020. So many more libraries were able to participate that it was decided that the virtual format would be the way to meet going forward.

The 2021 Michigan Seed Library Summit was held on October 24, 2021. Our keynote speaker for the Seed Library Summit was Bill McDorman. Bill is a seed saver, writer, and educator based in Cornville, Arizona. He is co-founder of The Down Home Project, Garden City Seeds, Seeds Trust, High Altitude Gardens, the Sawtooth Botanical Gardens, Seed School and the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance. We were thrilled that was willing to share some of his broad base of wisdom about seeds and seed libraries with us.

The Michigan Seed Library Network Board announced that the One Seed, One State seed selection for 2022 is ‘Boston Pickling’ cucumber, an American heirloom with a Michigan connection! It was introduced in 1877 by the Detroit seed company D. M. Ferry & Co. It produces quickly from direct sowing in 55-63 days. It can be harvested at 2”-3” for pickles or at 5”-6” for slicing. ‘Boston Pickling’ can be trellised to save garden space.The seeds for our 2022 One Seed, One State program have been donated by Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds ( The Michigan Seed Library Network has plans to widen the scope of the program and include more support for participants on the website.